How Can Virtual Assistant Avatars Improve Customer Service?

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Did you know that only 26 percent of companies in the United States have a plan for improving their customer service? By improving on your customer service strategy, you will see an increase in customer retention and loyalty. Customer service avatars are quickly becoming a popular way for companies to offer cost effective customer service. By employing this strategy, the needs of your customers will still be met, and as a result you will see better customer retention and loyalty.

Virtual assistant avatars can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to greet customers, guide them around your website, and answer their questions. The avatars also offer human representation that sometimes allows for different facial expressions. Customers feel engaged and valued when they can communicate with intelligent virtual assistants online, and this leads to a more positive experience for them.

Intelligent virtual agents are cost effective, as well. As of 2003, the average virtual assistant earned nearly 40,000 a year. These agents also tend to do all their work from home, and they communicate with their employers through email, Skype, and phone calls. This can be helpful for businesses that do not have enough office space to accommodate customer service representatives. More companies are beginning to use virtual assistant avatars as well, as the job listings for these positions increased nearly 100 percent between 2008 and 2012.

Customer service avatars are available to increase your customer retention and loyalty. By employing this method, your customers will feel like valued assets to your business. As the adage goes, the customer is always right. In order to comply with this, you must improve your customer service strategy. By doing so, you will be providing a better service to your customers. For more information see this.

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