Learning About Handling Food Commercially With Ease

Food protection course

Meat like bacon that is cooked and cured can stay pink even after cooked properly because of curing agents, which can make it hard to determine what temperature you should cook meat to. With the best food and hygiene course you can learn about food and sanitation guidelines. You can even take a course on handling food that will allow you to get a food handling certificate so that you and your staff are certified to work with food.

Despite popular belief, cooking food in a microwave does not kill bacteria. The right food protection course will lead to food safety certification that will educate you on how to properly use cooking tools such as a microwave so that you keep food safe. Handling food needs to be learned depending on the particular foods and cooking utensils that you are going to be using. For example, greens that are pre washed are generally already cleaned adequately and do not need additional cleaning before consumption.

Handling food is also important to prevent diseases. The CDC estimates that about one of every six Americans suffers from a foodborne illness every year. E coli is a bacteria that produces deadly toxins and can cause about 73,000 cases of foodborne illness every year in the United States, especially in foods like beef, milk, and unpasteurized juices. Train your staff on how to handle food the right way and you can be sure your clients are always looked after when they eat at your establishment.
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