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A comparison of a pre-owned and new one. The value of a brand new vehicle decreases by 20% when it leaves the parking lot. This figure can rise up to 30% within the first year. So, if you spent $30,000 on a new car and it is worth $30,000, it’s going to decrease by $9000 after only one year of usage. There is a way to reduce significantly the expense of depreciating your vehicle when you buy an old one-year-old automobile.
4. There are more options for financing

Before deciding whether to purchase a used or new truck you should consider alternatives for financing. There are plenty of used cars available than brand new ones implies that even if your credit rating isn’t the best, you’ll likely find the financing solution that works for you , and will not require paying a hefty monthly fee. Also, you’ll appreciate the lower cost of insurance and fewer registry renewals as compared to a brand-new vehicle.


A used car may be beneficial, there are also some negatives. Be aware of the disadvantages listed above to help inform the decision of buying a new vs used truck. These are the cons to purchasing used trucks:

1. Warranty not limited to any warranty.

The majority of used trucks are sold “as-is.’ So, you’re only accountable for any issues it may have. If, for example, the battery is damaged on your way to the station following making the purchase, then you’ll need purchase a replacement battery from your pocket. Although warranties are given by various dealerships, they tend to be extremely short.

2. Very little to no customization options

Let’s discuss the new and used truck more. If you decide to buy the brand new model, you have the option of making it your own. You can choose from auto wrapping, a custom coloror changing features such as the sunroof. What you get is what you will see when buying a car second hand. Therefore, even if it’s used, the car is


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