Understanding the Ever-Changing College Admissions Trends – Culture Forum


Here we will look at the most recent trends in college admissions and their impact on the entire process.
A Little Less Focus on ACT and SAT

Some colleges are making standardized test scores optional. Due to this change in the interests of students, extracurriculars such as GPA, class rigor and GPA have become more significant. The admissions process is more comprehensive and takes into consideration every aspect of the high school education.

Include Your Website’s URL in the application

It is possible to share your site or passion project on the Common App. This is the chance for you to showcase to the Admissions Board your passions as well as your talents, whether that be through coding, or using social media.

Showcase Your Intellectual Curiosity

Colleges seek students with an interest in exploring different ideas and ways of thinking. Demonstrate to admissions officers how you are engaged with the world around you through your activities and classes. You must demonstrate that you’re willing to learn and eager to explore new ideas. Learn and study can help in highlighting your intellect and academic value to college admissions teams.


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