Getting Rid of Weeds With Passive Revegetation – Madison County Library

It is possible to use native trees in areas of arian. Riverbank zones must be treated with care. Regeneration by passive means is an ideal alternative.

Some areas on the bank of rivers are home to grasses which attract insects as well as bugs. This could pose a major threat to sugarcane. The farmers often employ herbicides to kill off these grasses and protect from damage to the sugar cane. There are also certain native plants that are invading and will not permit anything to flourish around them like daisies like the Singapore daisy. Since this flower is sensitive to shade, the farmers often plant shade trees to hinder its growth.

The most problematic plant to be found in the area is the climbing vine called Thunbergia. This vine grows on top of large trees that eventually lead to them fall over. The farmers can manage thunbergia employing selective herbicides and trimming the vines.

In areas of riparian habitat trees have numerous advantages. They can help keep the banks of streams intact, keeping out vegetation and creating habitats predators that kill pests. They can also be secured and enhanced by revegetation that is passive that is easy to maintain.


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