Commercial Roofing vs. Residential Roofing – Online College Magazine

ofing is the duration of time projects require. Residential roofing projects typically last between one and three days. Commercial jobs however they’re more intricate and could take some time, perhaps even months. The materials you use will influence the amount of time required to finish a project. Businesses may require components which aren’t readily available locally. In contrast, homes prefer local components.

Commercial and residential roofing, safety is imperative. The roofing industry must adhere to OSHA standards, however residential companies need to take special precautions since they are more likely to be working on roofs that have steep slopes.

For roofing projects, the cost varies not only depending on whether a company does commercial or residential roofing, but also on how the company is run. Certain roofing companies require upfront payment and others will only require only a portion of the payment. It’s ultimately a roofing company’s option on how they choose to do business.


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