Wood Mulch vs Rubber Mulch Which Is Better? – NC Pool Supply

unending. What is better depends on the budget you have and what you believe is essential. The color of wood will fade faster than rubber. Rubber may last for a minimum of ten year and not lose its colour.
Wood mulch can be biodegradable. It returns to the earth nourishing your soil with the nutrients. It is slowly degraded and remains inert and results in the conservation in soil nutrients. Wood is the ideal choice for people who care about the environment. However, it is likely to float away after it rains, and ruin the grass on your lawn in contrast to rubber.

If you don’t care regarding organic protection but desire a durable gardening space, rubber is the top alternative. It shields soil from heat, just like wood. It also wards off mould and fungus. Your garden will be identical every year with mulch made of rubber as it does do not break down, let off with strong winds, and then wash off during heavy rains. It’s not biodegradable and does not add any nutrients to soil. Also, it is difficult to get rid of and can be dangerous should it be ignited. 6tjrhmf9ez.

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