C13 Power Cord What Is This Thing? – Daily Objectivist

If you want your computer to function for you, make sure to check if the power cord is connected. The C13 quality power cord will help you get past that first hurdle. The “Type C13” IEC connector on one end of the cord is similar to an ordinary kettle plug, but without the notch. It is possible to select between a range of plugs at the other end of the cable. A power cable assembly is made up of wires and a socket or plug connector. Connectors can be affixed to either one or both end of the power cable assembly like the one shown above. There are various types of cables to serve a wide range of purposes every type of connector has specific advantages.

IEC C13 extensions cables are able to be used in conjunction to IEC Class I appliances. The cords can be used to supply power to peripheral devices like monitors and printers. They can also be used to extend the power cable lengthier. The male C14 plugs into another power cord. While the female C13 connector is directly connected to appliances that have C14 ports. C14 port. C14 ports are IEC extension cords can be used in data centers to connect equipment and appliances with C14 ports to an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), or PDU (Power Distribution Unit). orxtl9ip1b.

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