Storm Chaser Makes Bold Move to Save His Car – Strong Scene Contest

Learn more about the main causes of tornadoes. Most of them are highly skilled and are able to assist to ensure your safety. That’s not to say there isn’t a chance to be unlucky from time to time. Storm chasers use radar and their experience to remain one step ahead of tornadoes when they have begun to approach. This video will explain how a storm chaser caught one of the storms by taking it by surprise.

Recently, a tornado hit the town of a few hundred people in Texas. Hank Schyma was a veteran storm chaser. An enormous tornado picked up dirt that had been swept away from an open field. It’s important to begin because they can be capable of destroying entire buildings and roofs. Thankfully, no call to the roofing business was necessary in the aftermath of this tornado. The storm could’ve easily would have cost Hank more. Hank was struck by the tornado when it made an unplanned U-turn. Hank realized he had to react quickly. Hank found a way out and pressed the accelerator. Frank got through the storm with no issues just after a short period of driving.


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