Is a Lawyer Necessary for Mediation? –

It is possible to ask whether mediation is an legal problem. The following video can assist you in deciding if it is worth hiring an attorney to assist you in mediation.

It’s a matter of preference on the situation. The higher the stakes the more better it is to have an attorney during the process of divorce mediation. The idea is to bring an attorney if the divorce is involving children/custody or Alimony.

Mediators do not have the power to represent the interests of both parties. This is the reason you may need the services of an lawyer. Their job is to make impartial judgments about the circumstances and find an arrangement that meets the needs of both sides. Lawyers, on the side, however, is only to fight for your interests.

If you fail to present your arguments in a persuasive manner, a mediator may recommend a course of action that negatively impacts the person you are. It is very difficult to reverse the decision. A lawyer is available to aid you should the situation requires to be represented at mediation.

More details are available in the video below.


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