How to Build an Addition on your House Without Going Into Debt – Chester County Homes

e=”font-family:Arial”>This is another factor to keep in mind when planning on how to build an addition on your house structure. This is especially important for remodels that are ground-level. It can cause a lot of problems on the basement and second-story constructions. You have three options for creating foundations. These are the slab spaces and crawl foundations.

The term slab foundation suggests that it’s a concrete flat slab, on which the house is to be constructed. They are usually the least expensive. A majority of standard houses are built upon crawl space foundations that include concrete walls that lift the structure of a home above-ground levels. Since they require more planning and labor they are also much more expensive than slab equivalents. The most costly foundation option is the best. Basements are typically twice more expensive and sometimes more expensive than crawl spaces. However, they are great for your house because they can increase the value of your property and offer the homeowner more space to live in.


This is the toughest factor in determining the amount it will cost to add an extension to your home. The tie-in factor is crucial when you are deciding how an extension to your home will be connected to the primary home. The points of contact between these two structures can present a few problems. To be considered cost-effective an extension of the house needs to have a rate of additional square footage to linear tie-in footage. This means that each house addition should be connected to the main residence at the set of wa


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