How to Shingle a Doghouse – Pets For Kids

Do you want to acquire a furry friend to join your family? There’s a myriad of think about in regards to food, bedding and toys. Dogs are often the first to sleep outdoors. The dogs shouldn’t be sleeping outdoors in the sun. The best option is to offer them a cozy and cozy doghouse with bedding. You will need wood nails, boards and roofing shingles for a doghouse. It is also possible to paint the doghouse with a pretty hue if you’d like to spruce it up. A few people will even write the dogs name on their pet’s house. In this video you’ll learn to put a shingle on a doghouse.

The roofing of a dog house may seem rather easy. People often overlook a few steps. When you are putting shingles on your roof, be sure that you glue the felt to the roof. This improves the strength of the roof . It also absorbs any moisture to make sure that your roof will not slide off. You don’t want your dog getting wet after all! In order to stop rain and wind from passing through your roof, be sure that the overlap of the shingles isn’t too wide.


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