Busting Dental Myths – Home Teeth Whitening

mon misconceptions about dentistry.

First, the myth that cavities are not reversible can’t be true. There are some cavities that can be reversed depending on the depth that the cavity. A cavity that is only in enamel is reversible. If you need to fill it this means that the cavity is unreversible.

Another myth is that teeth with acid will lighten your smile. Acid will in fact erode the teeth. It will burn off certain yellow materials, but it will weaken the teeth over the longer term. There are two alternatives: you can have your teeth bleached at the office , or you can do it at yourself at home.

Braces don’t just work for crooked teeth. Braces are a great option for correcting crooked teeth and also to improve the general condition of your teeth as well as extend their lifespan.

Another myth is that a knocked out tooth is dead. The fact that a tooth is knocked out does not necessarily mean it’s gone. If it’s re-implanted within an hour or so, it’s likely to heal. If you are unable to get to the dentist at that time place the tooth into whole milk to ensure the life of your tooth.

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