What is a Ceiling Dome Kit? – Ceve Marketing

Ceiling dome kits are an excellent way to incorporate decorative elements to an office space. Dome kits for ceilings require expert installation, so it is recommended to consult a professional for the most effective outcome. Read on to discover the definition of what a ceiling dome kit does and how it works.

Let’s start with the basics of what a ceiling dome kit is. This kit includes all the elements needed to put the effect of a dome to your ceiling.

When installing a ceiling dome kit, firstthe contractor chooses the location for installation and do measurements. Then, the installation is required to install two curving pieces comprised of timber and create a circular shape on top of your ceiling.

They will then install the curved braces that will be placed at the center of the circle in order to give support. Once these are done and all of the smaller curved braces to create the dome-like effect are added.

Now that all the braces have been put in place now it’s time for the sheetrock to be put in place. It is cut into triangular pieces which creates an elongated dome after being placed over the braces. You now have a dome ceiling.

To learn more about the ceiling dome kit’s functions, watch the video above!


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