Is There an Arthritis Cure? – FATA Online

with the correct arthritis treatment can immobilize you. Despite all the advances in the field of technology, there’s not a solution.

The difficulty with arthritis is that it’sn’t an isolated type of condition. The majority of the conditions are within the category of arthritis. Every one of them can cause different symptoms and causes. A single cure won’t work.

The causes of some forms of arthritis can be traced to the beginning of adulthood. Osteoarthritis one of the most widespread form of arthritis, can be caused by any kind of joint injury. In the body, immune system responses to injury cause swelling and inflammation to provide protection. However, should the injury not recover completely, the immune system’s enzymes may overstay their welcome and wear down cartilage.

Some forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis can be caused not by an injury, rather, they are caused by an autoimmune condition. Your immune system attacks incorrectly important cells in your connective tissue and cartilage between your joints. This leads to pain and even disability.

There are treatments that work However, they are only able to treat only the symptoms, and not the root cause. You can find more details on the link above.


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