How a Gas Heater Works – Do it Yourself Repair

Prior to the heating system kicks in before the heater starts, it is essential to familiarize yourself about the basic principles that govern its operation.
The basic

Natural gas is utilized for heating the furnace. The gas vent gets rid of the gas fumes. The fan moves fresh air over the heat exchanger, warming it up. When the desired temperature has been reached it is then turned off by the thermostat.


Yearly Fuel Utilization Efficiency is an indicator of furnace performance. It measures the fuel consumed as compared to. the energy converted into heat. Heating units of mid-level efficiency convert 80percent of the fuel into heat. However, high-efficiency heaters can accomplish 90%+.

There are also single or dual-stage furnaces. Single-stage refers to the fact that heating is on all the time or not. Dual-stage can use a reduced run to give your home the most consistent temperature.

Safety switches

Safety switches shut down the heater if there is any issue. It has flashing lights that flash with code in order to let the user know that something is wrong. These codes are unique for each furnace, which is why you need a manual to assist with translating.

The below video will give you an insight into how to operate the gas heater. Make sure to call the heat technician prior to when season begins so that you don’t have any issues!


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