AC 101 – House Killer


Compressor is the engine of the entire system. The compressor takes low-pressure cool gas, and transforms it into high-pressuregas with high temperatures. It is then put into the condenser. The condenser cools the gas to liquid state by letting air into.

The dryer/receptacle absorbs and filters pollutants. High-pressure liquids go into an expansion valve, which transforms the liquid that is at the high pressure state to low pressure.

Low pressure liquid is then boiled to make gas. The heat is absorbed into the liquid evaporator. Cool gas is then pumped by a blower through the vehicle to give your the comfortable AC you’ve come to expect.

The cycle begins all over by using the gas with low pressure. Another important instrument is the TXV mechanism on the expansion valve. This device adjusts the circulation of cool air continuously. The temperature at the outlet for the evaporator determines the highest temperature and pressure. Its average pressure is 35 psi. Any pressure above this level requires maintenance.

To learn more about an automobile’s AC unit, please click the video link above.


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