What to Watch Out For When Looking for an Auto Body Shop – Auto Trader California

Scotty Kilmer, auto mechanic shows how to recognize unsafe body shops.

Bad auto body shops will not give you an estimate on paper. The employees put off your attempts to get an estimate. It is recommended that you get an estimate by writing it down within the same day.

A further indication of a poor body shop is how the employees treat you rudely. They don’t pay attention to you. They make a rant about how different body shops are scams. They never return calls. Sometimes they may not be at all during the times they announce.

The Internet is a great place for you to discover the negative auto body businesses. Look online for reviews about your prospective auto repair shop. Look for reviews of recent ones because they’re the most reliable indication of the current state of the company. Visit your local Better Business Bureau website in your region. If you find a large number of complaints, it’s the time to consider a new shop. zgd8y6214u.

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