What To Expect In Your First Safety Consulting Job

If you’re looking at safety consultant jobs, you’ve probably already decided you know enough about the safety consultancy field. You might think you’re ready and know exactly what to expect once you find work consulting on construction safety, but think again. There are plenty of hidden secrets that come with careers as a safety technician or specialist. Here’s exactly what you can expect with your first safety consulting job, so you can decide once and for all if managing safety is the career for you.

  • Rewarding work, but not easy work: Knowing that you’re going to be helping the companies you consult with as a safety specialist can be incredibly rewarding. Because of you and the work you do, people are going to be safe and healthy doing their jobs, and that information can provide extra motivation. However, don’t expect an easy ride; you’re likely to work fairly hard, between learning regulations, getting certified if you aren’t already, doing plenty of work directly with companies, and more.
  • Check on the payday: Safety consulting can be as financially rewarding as it is emotionally rewarding. Jobs in risk control can pay well once you’ve gotten started. Occupational health and safety specialists have a median annual salary of $73,600. However, this number will vary depending on who you work with, the contracts you take, whether you work full-time or do contract work exclusively, and so on.
  • Not everyone will listen: For the most part, the companies you work with will take your advice and listen to your recommendations on how to improve and make the work environment safer for all employees. However, there is the off-chance that your advice will not necessarily be listened to or taken fully into account. This can create an incredibly frustrating situation that can potentially leave you with more work to do as a result. Be prepared for a few speed bumps on your road to success.

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