What Color, Entertainment, and Encouragement Have to Do With Purchasing a Church Bus

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Finding the right bus for sale is only half the battle for any church group that wants to enhance its transportation options. However, it could easily be considered the most important half. Finding the right bus is about more than staying in budget. Every church group is different, and will have different challenges depending on who they are transporting, and where. Here are a few points that your church group might need to consider as it works towards finding the perfect bus.

How will you make sure that the bus is as safe as it can be?

Seat belts, steel cages, and good tires are all an important part of the safety equation, but have you considered that the color of the bus could also be significant? Some churches look at buses for sale with the knowledge that transporting children will be a main function of that bus. Those groups should seriously consider asking their bus salesperson if they could get their bus in yellow. Why yellow? Believe it or not, the decision to make school buses yellow was not reached arbitrarily. Yellow is a color that is easiest to see no matter where it occurs in your field of vision. You are more likely to see yellow out of the corner of your eye than you are to see any other color, and that makes it more visible to children and other motorists, thus making it safer.

How will you encourage church members to use your bus?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Even though you will be providing this new transportation option to your members, it’s not guaranteed that they will want to use it. If you need a little help convincing patrons, present them with these facts.

  • A bus creates less air pollution in 40 years than a car does in just four.
  • Patrons, as well as the church, can save money by “car-pooling” via the new bus.
  • Long trips will be much more comfortable on the bus.

How will you keep passengers entertained?

When considering a bus for sale, ask yourself how comfortable and how well entertained passengers will be on longer trips. You could try to keep passengers entertained with fun facts. Did you know that the fastest bus reached speeds of 367 mph thanks to a Phantom fighter jet engine that was fitted to it? Unfortunately, relying on a recitation of interesting facts is likely to fall flat quickly. Instead, consider a bus for sale that is reasonably equipped with comfortable seating, WiFi, A/V systems, and at the very least, a good radio. If the perfect bus for your group lacks any of those things, you may be able to find a bus parts warehouse with systems and features that you can add on.

In the United States, about 60% of bus sales are comprised of passenger buses that seat between 15 and 26 people. However many people that you want your bus to transport, make sure that it will be done safely, and that passengers will both want to use the bus, and find it an enjoyable experience. More.

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