Eyeshadow Colors What Really Matters

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There are scores of popular makeup blogs and tutorials out there that have laid out the best eyeshadow colors for each eye color. In fact, you probably already have the types of eye makeup that work for your eye color memorized. What too many professional makeup blogs don’t seem to be telling you, however, is that eye color isn’t the only thing to think about when choosing eyeshadow colors. The truth is that your skintone should also be a factor when you’re determining the best eyeshadow colors for you. Whether you’re a fan of powder eye shadow or cream eye shadow, take your complexion into consideration next time you visit the makeup counter for a look that really emphasizes your natural beauty.

If your skin is dark…

  • Avoid ashy shades. Ashy and white shadows often appear dull on darker skin. Stick with more vibrant shades.
  • Opt for deeper colors. Soft eyeshadow colors will fade away on your skin, so if you’re looking to stand out, try warm shades with rich pigments.
  • Line boldly. Grey and brown eyeliners are better suited to fairer-skinned ladies. Take advantage of your rich tone with dark, bold eyeliners.

If your skin is fair…

  • Fifty shades of gray aren’t for you. Silver smoky eyes are more likely to leave you looking bruised than mysterious.
  • Go after sheer brilliance. Sheer washes of pigment will appear more highly saturated on your porcelain skin. While soft taupes, cool pinks, and soft greens are all great for your complexion, highly pigmented shades are more likely to overpower your natural beauty.
  • Don’t go overboard on contouring. If you do choose to contour, stick with shades that are only a little darker than your natural skintone. Otherwise, your contoured lids will overshadow the rest of your eye.

If you need a refresher…
The best shades for your face will complement both your skintone and your eyes. Here are a few reminders about the best shades for your eye color.

  • Blue eyes will look gray-blue with purples and lavenders and electric blue with rusty shades.
  • Green eyes are complemented by mustards, warm peaches, chocolate, violet, and gold.
  • Brown-eyed ladies can enhance their eyes with rich jewel tones like burgundy, warm browns, rich navy, and midnight blue.

Remember, when you’re choosing new eyeshadow colors, there’s more to think about that just your eye color. Look at the whole picture if you want to find the shade that will make your peepers pop.

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