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According to the latest statistics made available by the website Global Internet Stats, the number of worldwide web users has nearly quadrupled since 2003. As of midsummer 2013, there were approximately 2.5 billion web users around the world. Still,as the number of international web users continues to grow significantly by the year, roughly 30% of the world population has yet to adopt the internet.

As it stands, with 70% of the world population wired for daily internet access, it seems like the internet is already saturated with more potential marketing opportunities than is fathomable. Thus, it boggles the mind that and additionally two billion more people could be adopting the internet over the next several years. It is also important to remember that the above number does not account for the rapidly growing world population.

With the hundreds of millions of potential internet customers all around the world, you would think that starting up a successful business would be as easy as hitting the wall with a dart while blindfolded. While there does seem to be limitless marketing opportunities, as increasing number of businesses charging toward the finish line, the competition for customers is fierce. This means that every business must find a way to distinguish itself among innumerable competitors.

For companies that aim for marketing success in the United States, a USA SEO reseller can provide the most valuable SEO help. Although this should seem academic, you would be surprised as the many offshore SEO services that claim they can provide top notch onshore SEO help in the United States. However, successful SEO in the United States is best provided by an SEO in the USA.

In order to capitalize upon the internet marketing potential that exists on a global level, only a top USA SEO can give businesses the best chance to meet, and exceed, their online marketing goals. After all, what ambitious business ever wants to settle for mediocrity?

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