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This is probably a mind boggling number, but as of July of 2013 there were nearly 2.5 billions web users world wide. That might be hard to believe, but that is the number that Global Internet Stats came up with after conducting painstaking research. If that is not difficult enough to believe, check out this tasty little factoid. A global web usership means that the number of international web users have more than quadrupled since 2003.

It may seem like the current popularity of the internet leaves little room for further web growth. But the fact is that about 20% of the world population still does not use the internet. This means that there are tens of millions of people who will, most likely, adopt the web over the next few years; and no one will be happier when this happens than the most ambitious businesses and online marketing firms.

While the most successful business can feel free to being licking their chops at the marketing opportunities that await, they might better look into some solid SEO tips before they lifting a finger. However, there are no SEO tips that will make SEO easy, especially for businesses that have never done their own SEO. But this is no reason to worry, because SEO reseller programs are designed to bring any business the most up to date SEO marketing capabilities today.

Of course, SEO reseller plans are only available from the top SEO resellers in their areas. Depending on what each business client is looking for, SEO reseller plans can offer web design, white label SEO, social media marketing, blogging, and more. Further, an SEO consultant will help their clients to determine which tools are most relevant to their purposes and goals.

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