Political Campaign Marketing for the 21st Century

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Defined by David L. Swanson and Dan Nimmo, the term political communication means, “the strategic use of communication to influence public knowledge, beliefs, and action on political matters.”

What does marketing have in common with running a political campaign?

The answer to that question may be simpler than you think. Both political campaigning and marketing are in the business of disseminating and selling ideas. The only difference between them is what kinds of ideas they are selling. Having this common ground in consumer, or constituent interest, which can also known as public interest, allows for professionals from either field to transfer between the public and private sectors with relative ease. Some people call this the revolving door of politics.

Whether you think the revolving door that allows top notch marketers to cut it in the public sphere is good or bad, there is one fact. Politics is pulling marketing professionals because industry of political campaigning can use the trade craft and best practices of marketing to influence political results. In essence good marketing helps

What does internet marketing have to do with running a successful campaign?

The number of people who say they maintain a social media presence has nearly double since 2008, from 34% to 67%. Imagine what politics would be like if two thirds of a constituency could be reached by a tweet. This is unlikely in the near future, but it is a tangible goal. Political training can involve activism, candidate and social media awareness. Where there is obvious room for growth in political campaigning is with social media. As politicians can grow a social media presence, they can better represent all aspects of their campaign persona. Internet marketing experts have the know how that it would take to move politics into twenty first century marketing practices. Already, Twitter has developed a dedicated political advertisement team.

Cursos online politica enseña branding political. Political marketing firms are looking for students of politics and marketing that can help brand a politician much the same way that companies and products are branded.

Marketing political en el Peru, en Mexico, o en la red comienza con cursos online politica. Cursos online politica can be your ticket to a successful political marketing future. These studies can give you the skills necessary to guide your candidate and campaign home, and to the political office of their choosing. Get more here: centropolitico.org

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