Why Tool Holders Are Crucial to Many American Production Companies

Tool holder

There are many things American businesses need to survive in this age of economic uncertainty. Firstly, they need drive, and they need passion for what they do. No business, regardless of how smart or well-intentioned they are, will be able to stand the ever competitive nature of the American marketplace without drive and passion. Second, companies need customers. This goes without saying. Good customer service and a valuable service are crucial to maintaining this all important part of industrial success.

One of the most important parts of businesses, especially for those that are production companies, is accuracy. Consider, when Americans see something they love, they want that exact thing. It has to look exactly the way they imagined it, exactly the way you told them it would be. By using tool holders and tool presetters, you can offer them that while offering yourself so much more.

  • Give the People What They Want
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    Every machining tool performs two essential functions. First, they constrain the medium, whether it is wood, metal, or plastic, so that it does not move around during machining. Second, they guide the movement of the cutting parts of the machinery to ensure that each piece is exactly to specifications. Tool holders are designed to offer these crucial features and many more. Tool holders are often able to bring additional functionality, such as angular approach, spring loading, and variable overhand grip and rigidity, to a piece of machining equipment. What this means to production companies is piece after completed piece of product that your consumers are looking for.

  • Reduce Your Waste
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    The screw-cutting lathe, dating to around 1483, was one of the earliest machining tools. It utilized direct mechanical control over the cutting tool’s path. What this meant was that every piece of screw-cut material was machined accurately, greatly reducing waste. Modern tool holders are used on a variety of high velocity applications, allowing for greater control, reduced waste, and reduced costs for replacing wasted materials.

  • Improve Worker Safety
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    Costs for injuries are a nightmare for production companies. By utilizing tool holders, these costs can be greatly reduced. Consider the shank. Shanks are long, rectagonal parts of tool holders that allow them to be clamped onto a machining turret. They keep cutting tools aimed in the correct direction, reducing the chances of a worker accidentally injuring himself due to faulty or misused machinery.

No matter what sort of items a production company manufactures, utilizing tool holders can be the key to continued success in these three ways. Improve customer satisfaction by providing high quality parts to exact specifications. Reduce your material costs and those for worker injury by improving your control over every one of your machining tools. Tool holders are a boon both to manufacturers and to their customers. Make sure you have a steady supply for all of your needs.

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