Why the Outer Banks Are the Perfect Fit For Family Vacations

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When it is time to plan a family vacation, it can be difficult to pick a location that is diverse enough to suit the (often) very differing desires of an entire family. Particularly if you have children who have large age gaps between them. Getting everyone on board and excited over a vacation can be a tricky predicament to find yourself in.

However, I have always found that an Outer Banks vacation has a little bit for everyone. The Outer Banks of North Carolina has on display over 600 ships off the coast. Among the myriad of ships, there are pirate ships, Civil War era ships, vessels from World War II, including submarines, and some of the most modern, high tech seacraft of today.

In fact, in 1974, congress approved of what is known as the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, after acknowledging the danger to Atlantic shipping due to all the shipwrecks in the area. An Outer Banks vacation rental home could be your best bet to satisfy everyone, and gain some on site education of American history.

Outer Banks vacations are the third most popular destinations for weddings in the United States. Outer Banks beach house rentals are the third most frequented for weddings, only after Las Vegas and Hawaii. Las Vegas is not an ideal spot for a family vacation, and Hawaii can be on the expensive side. For an affordable, fun vacay, consider an Outer Banks vacation.

Outer Banks rentals provide comfort while you explore the wealth of history the area contains. You can visit the location of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, which is the site of where the Wright Brothers took the first successful airplane flights.

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