Tips for Starting Your Own Blog!

Mrs q blog

Today, online blogs or web logs are a very common and convenient avenue for writers to keep their friends and family updated on their life, a trip, or for any writer to publicly put their thoughts to words. If you are looking to build a strong following of readers for your blog, there are several important factors to consider. A good blog is more than providing good information and it is more than a creative site design and layout.

The first and possibly most important factor, is to pick out a catchy name for your blog. Sometimes even periodically switching up the name of your blog is a way to keep your online presence interesting and fresh. Q models blog has several names for their blog such as Blog Q, Mrs Q Blog, and Rquinox Q Blog. Having a catchy title will create a sort of a reference point for your blog when people are discussing or thinking about your posts.

The second most important factor is to update and post on your blog regularly. It is recommended that you post at least once a day. In doing so, you are providing more and more content on your site to keep current readers interested and to bring new readers in. If your site lacks updates and content, the readers you have acquired will quickly lose interest and will most likely switch to a more active blog, as there are typically thousands of other blogs on the web that are similar to your niche. Creating more content will also better your chances of gaining an audience through online searches as the content of your site may contain popular keywords and key phrases commonly targeted on search engines such as Google.

Another important factor is to develop a sound writing style and a specific writing voice. Remember that writing a post in a blog is like having a conversation. Try to write in the same manner that you speak, but be sure to avoid jargon and cliches. Sometimes writers find it helpful to speak out loud the content they are planning on writing to help develop a proper tone and voice to their thoughts. Q Models Blog does a fantastic job exhibiting an interesting voice in their writing style.

Finally, always consider and involve your audience. Try to write to the audience’s interests and write to keep get them involved with your posts. Always enable the comment feature on your blog. This will allow your audience to become involved in your blog and will promote discussion. This factor is also utilized by the Q Models Blog. Many of their updates having comments from the audience giving their thoughts and opinions on a specific subject. An involved audience and frequent discussion happening on your blog between the writer and the readers is a sure sign that you are on your way to creating a successful blog!


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