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I should make it clear that I am not someone that is a huge fan of radio talk shows, and especially not anything that would typically be considered a car show radio program. Automotive radio is about as far from my interests as dentistry, and the study of flesh eating parasites. That being said, Car Talk radio is one of my all-time favorite radio shows.

It sounds like a contradiction, but Car Talk is not your average radio show about cars. The show is hosted by two brothers, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, and was in production from about 1977 to 2012. The brothers go by the names of Click and Clack, and for about 50 minutes they take calls and help listeners solve car problems, crack jokes at their own expense, and much more. There are at least three types of people for whom Car Talk is an excellent radio show option.

  1. For yourself.
  2. Yes, you, even if you have no real interest in cars. This show is first of all a great cure for boredom, but also you never know when your car is going to start making weird noises. The Car Talk radio show is a great way to be entertained in the car, or while you do yard work if you get it via podcast, but you can also find a lot on their website. Click and Clack have collected all of the hate mail they have gotten and proudly displayed it for your entertainment.

  3. For a car mechanic.
  4. For someone who works with cars, the Car Talk radio show might provide some education. If nothing else, it certainly provides some car humor that only a mechanic could fully appreciate. On their website there is also an active forum where people talk about their car problems, and a section where users can rate and comment on trusted car mechanics.

  5. For the car obsessed layperson.
  6. I would recommend the Car Talk radio show to just about anyone, but it is especially useful to someone who likes to take a DIY approach to their car troubles. The show is clear about problems that can be handled by the owner, and which ones are dangerous, or should be immediately brought to a mechanic. Anyone that is a little bit car obsessed would also enjoy the “puzzler,” which is mind-bending mystery which requiring a knowledge of cars in order to solve.

As far as talk radio car shows go, Car Talk, if not one of the most informative, is absolutely one of the most amusing. Try it out for yourself, or recommend it to any car mechanic or car fanatic that you know. The joy of Car Talk should certainly be shared.

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