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Car oil change locations

Motor oil types come in many different varieties. Usually, they are made from compounds that include both petroleum and non petroleum synthesized compounds. And there are many different varieties and levels of viscosity that a vehicle will tolerate. For example, the W on the oil can typically stands for Winter. This is because the viscosity of motor oil changes during the winter time.

Most people do not realize when they go to oil change places how easy it is to refine motor oil. For example, in Europe somewhere around 50 percent of the motor oil is refined again where as in the United States only around 15 percent of motor oil is re refined. It is very possible to get motor oil standards back to the position that they were in before and it is much better for the environment, considering that one gallon of oil from a typical oil change can ruin as much as 1 million gallons of freshwater.

Surprising as it might sound, vehicles around the world allowed for around 3.7 billion used gallons of motor oil in 2009, but this is only a small fraction of all the potential used motor oil out there. It is relatively easy to recycle motor oil. That is something that not too many people realize. Motor oil is not particularly difficult to produce or recycle.

This is in contrast with regular oil which might take as much as 80 gallons of crude to produce just one gallon of usable motor oil. The refining process for oil is extreme and it takes time. It is for this reason that motor oil types should take all different factors into account. Motor oil suppliers and oil change locations can go a long way toward ensuring that people have the right mixture to recycle. It is just something that requires a bit of imagination for success.

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