Three Web Design Tips

Web designing tips and tricks

Did you know that throughout the buying cycle, nearly half of all consumers use search? Searches are one of the most commonly performed actions online, and they are a way to lead users to your website. When users actually get to your website, however, you must make sure they are drawn in by your web design. You only get one chance at a first impression, and each time a user clicks away from your site because of a poor design, that is one less sale. Whether you are hiring a web designer or doing it yourself, the following web design tips and tricks will help you create a more effective website.

1. Be creative. This does not mean that you should add every big, flashy text you can find. Quite the contrary, a design that is too ostentatious may actually have a negative impact on attracting users. Your design must be simple enough that everyone can follow it, but it should also not be oversimplified. Your website should be easy to navigate through, and every anchor link should lead to a landing page. In addition, color must be used to help the navigation process. For example, standout colors can be implemented to highlight your main headlines and links.

2. Include videos. Did you know that after watching a video online, over half of users will take action? Videos, whether they are stock or custom-made, are a quick and easy way for users to gather information. While videos should not drag on for too long, since the idea behind them is to deliver information quickly, 60% of users claim they are willing to watch a product video that is over two minutes long.

3. Become mobile-compatible. In a world run by smartphones, the best search engine optimization should include creating an effective mobile website. Unfortunately, over 90% of SMB websites are not compatible with smartphones, but 15% of these SMBs plan to build a mobile website by the end of 2013. Since 33% of mobile users claim to disregard websites that have a poor mobile design, it is important to appeal to these users by creating a website that is compatible with smartphones.

SEO does not end with ranking highly on search engines. While drawing users in to your website from search engines is important, so is keeping them on your website. Hiring a web designer will ensure that users spend a substantial amount of time on your site. By employing these strategies, your website will not be lost in the shuffle of mediocrity. Instead, hiring a web designer will improve your conversion rate. Get more here:

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  1. Yeah believe me, Ive tried creating my own website before, and it was nearly impossible! I had such a hard time with it, it really takes a creative eye to do it, which I certainly dont have.

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