Three Important Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Android in the enterprise

Did you know that in the United States, 50% of all cell phone users own a smartphone? In fact, there are over 91 million smartphones in the United States. With such widespread usage, many companies are turning to BYOD, or bring your own device. This policy allows employees to use their smartphones, such as Androids, for work purposes. MDM, or mobile device management, must be used in conjunction with BYOD, though, as it provides many benefits to employees and employers.

1. Safety. An Android security model keeps all vital information secure on each mobile device. Company information is password protected, so hackers and viruses will not be able to steal data. In addition, the files are also encrypted, which will further increase protection.

2. Control. With 57% of all tablet owners using their devices for work, how can you effectively control each and every one? Android device management gives you the tools necessary to control software applications, data transfer, and passwords. In fact, some Android management applications also allow you to delete company information off mobile devices if they ever become lost or stolen.

3. Convenience. Some Android device management applications can be run on the cloud. By running a management system on the cloud, backup, recovery, and updates are all effectively handled. In addition, cloud computing also offers privacy, security, and software implementation, and these allow employees to safely and efficiently use their devices.

Android in the enterprise is becoming a popular BYOD business strategy, especially since 10% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. An Android device management system must be utilized in conjunction with BYOD, though, since MDM offers safety, control, and convenience. As a result, your employees will be able to securely and effectively use their mobile devices for work purposes. Continue your research here:

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