Three Benefits of Visiting Urgent Care

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Did you know that 80% of all urgent care visits take less than an hour to complete? Since only 29% of primary care doctors provide after-hour treatment, immediate care centers are a helpful alternative. You may be asking yourself, “is urgent care near me?” While it is helpful to find urgent care centers near you, it is also important to understand the benefits of visiting an immediate care facility.

1. They help eliminate ER crowding. Almost half of the 110 million emergency room visits each year are not needed. In fact, 48% of adults only seek ER care because their primary health physicians are unavailable. Since ER crowding has become an increasing issue, it is important to turn to urgent care for non-life-thrreatening conditions, such as cuts, burns, upper respiratory illnesses, and broken bones. By doing so, the emergency room can be left open for those who are dealing with life-threatening issues.

2. They are low cost. On average, an urgent care visit costs less than 150 dollars. An emergency room visit, on the other hand, costs an average of 1,500 dollars. Although different treatments cost different amounts, urgent care centers are known to be considerably less expensive than emergency rooms.

3. They offer fast treatment. From the time most patients walk into urgent care to the time they walk out, no more than an hour has passed. In fact, more than half of patients only have to wait 15 minutes or less before they are seen by a doctor. By providing fast, yet thorough treatment, urgent care has become a convenient option for those who need immediate medical attention.

You may still be asking, “is urgent care near me?” Urgent care centers prevent ER crowding, are low cost, and offer fast treatment. As a result, numerous urgent care centers have become available across the country. By finding an urgent care center near you, you can finally receive the convenient and immediate treatment that you need. Reference links.

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  1. Oh urgent care sounds great! I never really realized what it was for, I just assumed people stopped there when they need a flu shot or something. I didnt realize they offered such extensive treatment and are quick and cheap!

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