Pitching Your SEO Proposal

Seo proposal sample

Landing a new SEO account can be critical to business development, but using a tailored SEO proposal will give them a clear understanding of their unique needs. With your Seo proposal example, you can also provide them a clear timeline to traffic and marketing improvements.

Some clients may not have a full understanding of what keywords and phrases will be most profitable to their business. As part of your SEO proposal sample tactics, you should outline some of the methodology behind finding the most profitable keywords. For example, there are words that may have immense amounts of traffic, but they do not necessarily have very good conversions of sales.

Outlining what you can provide through an SEO proposal will give them a good reference for how long your efforts will take and what milestones are along the way. In fact, using SEO proposal software can help you easily template some of the more common aspects of any proposal. For outliers and more complex projects, you may be able to consult SEO proposal examples for ideas that you can incorporate.

Another feature of the SEO proposal is the content management for the site or business. When websites are not seeing enough organic search traffic, the search rankings can be increased through the use of content marketing and social media management. All of the pieces of content need to fall under some form of project management and launch control. By formulating a content plan in your SEO proposal, you can help the client understand the intricacies of any SEO effort.

By outlining the elements of your SEO proposal, you can show the scale and complexity of your SEO efforts. This will provide some confirmation that you are the expert and that there are more pieces than the average business could piece together themselves.

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