Honoring the Ladies Who’ve Always Been There

Embroidered robes

Deciding what kind of gift to purchase for your bridesmaids is not an easy task. Jewelry is the easy route, and sometimes feels impersonal, but choosing personalized gifts for each girl can be time consuming and expensive, the last thing you need when you’re gearing up for your big day. One fun gift that gets used and even enhances the big day is bridesmaid robes. These embroidered robes make for cute gifts that are usually reused after the morning of the wedding, and make for great photos.

Bridesmaid robes are available from a number of companies and are usually mid thigh length and made of satin. You can opt for general embroidery on the back that reads “bridesmaid,” or, if you’re looking for a more customized gift, you could have each girl’s robe embroidered with her name. To add to the personalization, think of ordering them to match your wedding colors. Invest in one of the many bridal robes available for yourself, but in white. The wedding robes look adorable in morning photos and give your special ladies something to hold on to.

Most of the allure in matching bride and bridesmaid robes comes from the photo opportunities. Here are some great ideas for capturing you and your favorite ladies in your bride and bridesmaid robes on the morning of your big day:

  • Have candids done of each bridesmaid getting her hair done or doing her hair.
  • Snap a photo of all of you together before and after getting your hair and makeup done.
  • Line up with all your ladies in your robes with your heels for the wedding on and face away from the camera to show off the embroidery, then give a sassy lookback over your shoulders.
  • In the same line, wrap your arms around each other’s waists and show off your beautiful hair from the back.
  • Take a photo with each bridesmaid individually.

Pictures with your closest friends in your matching bride and bridesmaid robes are a great way to honor your friendship, especially in the face of such a major change in all of your lives. Remember while the cameras are clicking to relax and enjoy a day spent with the people who care about you most.


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