Filing for Social Security Disbility

Phoenix disability lawyers

There are several different federal programs in the United States that provide assistance for people with disabilities. The largest of these are the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs. In American cities such as Phoenix social security lawyers are available to help.

In states like Arizona disability lawyers can help people collect the benefits that they are entitled to. In order to qualify for disability benefits, you have to have enough work credits, and have to have worked recently enough earning Social Security wages. The credits are based on your yearly wages, or income from self employment. Up to four work credits can be earned each year.

Phoenix disability attorneys and other Arizona disability lawyers can also help with matters pertaining to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). ADA is a civil rights law which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. Alcoholism is included, and has been listed as a disability. Other behavior which is not considered to be socially acceptable, such as compulsive gambling, sexual behavior disorders, and pyromania are not included.

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