Dirty Water and Storm Damage Clean Up Services

Storm damage restoration

Water damage is in the big 3 for causes of homeowner loss. When looking at water damage services, it is critical to find someone that can help with all of the associated issues. While water damage may be the initial problem, all of the moisture can lead to further issues down the road.

First, depending on the type of water damage you experience, you may have different concerns with cleanup and water damage repairs. Are you looking for storm cleanup or for fire and water damage restoration? They both can be indicative of large amounts of water making it into your home, but they can also have different considerations about structural damage. If it makes sense, you may want to get an engineer to look at your home before deciding which water damage service is appropriate.

For those experiencing storm water damage, category 2 water, or grey water, can contain chemicals or biological organisms that might be health concerns. Part of the water remediation services need to look at the water quality or residue to insure that micro organisms are not a future concern for the residents.

Regardless of the causes of moisture, the water damage is only the first issue. Any moisture in the home can create the perfect growing environment for mold and mold spores. Once they begin to grow, you can suffer some serious health concerns since they tend to spread spores through the air. If the relative humidity is above 70 percent, it could be the perfect environment to start mold growth. When that happens, even bleach will not kill the mold. A mold remediation expert will need to come in and get rid of your mold issues. If not, you face the same kinds of exposure issues that have generated several multi million dollar lawsuits.

Regardless of the type and extent of your mold damage, you should find a qualified expert to assess your situation. For some families, they are able to resume life as normal after getting the water damage and related issues fixed. More can be found here.

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  1. I would not touch the mold if that becomes an issue. Some of that stuff is particularly nasty and can create serious health issues, especially if there are kids.

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