Variety, Taste, and Ambience Rochester Restaurants

Lento restaurant

In case it has yet to be said, here it is, for the record… Rochester is the best place in the country for food. Period.

The sheer variety of downtown Rochester restaurants you encounter during a simple walk down the street speaks volumes about the love affair Rochester has with food. But wait until you actually go inside one of them! The selection of dining establishments in Rochester combine the very best ambience with the very best food, and with some of the friendliest folks in the business.

Looking for an all natural experience? In Rochester Lento restaurant has you covered. Not only are the entrees and appetizers made from seasonal produce, local meats, and dairy so fresh it practically moos, but even the condiments themselves are hand crafted. If you really want a store bought ketchup, they can certainly accommodate you, but seriously, when was the last time you tried gourmet, made from scratch ketchup? In Rochester Lento is more than unique. It is downright revolutionary.

Besides simply being restaurants, what do Jeremiahs, Brick Pizza, and Max of Eastman Place have in common? All three of these top Rochester restaurants absolutely ROCK a plate of macaroni and cheese. You read that correctly. Mac and cheese. With various ingredients around town including port wine, shaved truffles, buffalo sauce, and enough esoteric cheese names to tongue tie a linguist, this traditional meal is anything but.

Or maybe you want sushi? Or perhaps barbecue? Or burritos or pizza or Italian or kosher or vegan or Ethiopian or Asian fusion or cupcakes or tapas or Greek? In Rochester Lento, Jeremiahs, and the like are really just the tip of the iceberg. Step out today and tickle your taste buds, in a city that soars with savory selection.

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