Jobs in the Finance Industry

Finance job descriptions

If you are an accountant and are considering other jobs in finance industry, there are several different types of finance jobs that you can choose from to find something that is a better fit for your personality and interests. Generally, “accounting”, also known as “accountancy”, is the maintenance and creation of a business’ financial records. It is a general idea, and as such, there are several different specific roles you can play in an accounting department of a financial institution.

Accounting jobs are not just jobs in banking or finance. All kinds of organizations have accounting departments to keep their financials in order, so if you have a more specific industrial interest, there are potential employers out there for you. Accountants are not just number crunchers, but can also keep track of financial trends and operational cost issues. “Controllers” are more senior accountants that set in house financial rules and ensure that lower level employees are following the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP. Obviously, there are also accounting jobs in finance industry, from local banks to the investment industry. High level corporate jobs in finance industry can center around mergers and acquisitions, including determining the potential results of a merger.

Most accounts start their jobs hoping to advance in their professional from an entry level number cruncher to someone with a more active and strategy oriented role in their employer’s business. Many higher level employees want accountants that already have three to five years of experience in jobs in finance industry, like accounting positions at equity firms, hedge funds, and investment banks. Every job can be a stepping stone, so even if you are not doing the level of accounting work that you are hoping to do, the job that you are working right now can easily be the experience that you need to start heading in a more managerial or strategic direction.

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