Do a Good Turn Daily and Learn a Few Facts About the Boy Scouts

Scouting and Boy Scouts are well known throughout American culture. The Boy Scout Association of America, or BSA of America, has been an institution in the United States since 1920. Here are a few interesting facts about the Boy Scout of AM.

1. The term Boy Scout is generally used as a slang term to describe someone who is earnest and honest. Sometimes it is also used to describe someone who helps others cheerfully. Unfortunately, the term can also be used as a pejorative for someone deemed to be overly idealistic.

2. Close to 13.5 billion service hours were undertaken by BSA National members last year.

3. Nearly 1.1 million youth attended a council camp or national high-adventure camp last year. There are lots of interesting stories and pictures on the Boy Scouts blog for interested parties.

4. Close to 60,000 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2012. This was more than in any previous year.

5. More than two million merit badges were earned by Boy Scouts in 2012. Many of these can be purchased at the Boy scouts store on the BSA of america website.

6. Scouts are encouraged to Do a Good Turn Daily as part of being a good Scout, citizen, and because of the fact that it is the slogan for the Boy Scouts of America.

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  1. i dated a guy that was a boy scout. i never knew how i really felt about it. he had a bumber sticker on his car, it was his moms first, it was a little weird.

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