Avoid Becoming a Victim of Online Fraud with This Three Point Safety Guide

Online safety guide

Did you know that, according to the Guardian, about 34% of all scams are online fraud? It is not surprising that many people are wondering whether or not it is possible to shop safely online. Rest assured, it is not only possible but easy if you know what to look out for, and what to avoid. Here is our three point online safety guide to help you navigate through the turns and twists of the internet.

1. What Emails Should I Avoid?

Interestingly, what is known as the Nigerian Letter Fraud, where an individual from Nigeria asks individuals to transfer money for them, accounts for almost 3% of all internet scams. Overall, email is the source of 10% of online fraud. Be suspicious of any offer to make money quick. Think about it. There are millions of people out of work, yet someone is hunting you down with the offer to make an easy two hundred thousand? Never give out your bank or credit number, and our online safety guide asks you to remember that identities and documents are easily falsified through email.

2. Is Online Shopping Safe?

For secure internet shopping, it follows that you should purchase goods from secured sites. Although most sites that accept payment are secure, there are a few things you can check. A secure site has an S in the url, as in, https, rather than http. Email and commenting is not secure, so even if the website is okay, do not give your credit information in anything other than a legitimate payment processing page. Look for sites that have a padlock icon in the top right of their browser, since this also indicated security.

3. How Can I Protect Myself From Hacking?

About 7% of online fraud occurs when personal data is obtained through malware or hacking. Good antivirus and firewall programs should help protect you against these intrusions. Practice safe online shopping and only use one credit card for all your online purchases. This will make it easier for you to track your card activity, and less easy for someone to make off with stolen card purchases before you realize what is going on.

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