About Tap Adapters

Tap adapter

Tap adapters are extremely useful, as they fit one plain end and one female end. If you have something that screws into something else, it has gone through a tap adapter. A tap cuts a thread on the inside of a hole, creating a female surface.

Greenfield Tap and Die in Greenfield, Massachusetts was considered so vital to the Allied war effort during World War II that there were actually anti aircraft guns placed around the factory to guard against attack by the Axis powers. Today, there is no threat for companies creating tap adapters, so they are free to produce the things we use every day, even if we do not know we use them every day.

Machine tool development was extremely important to the success of textile factories in England during the Industrial Revolution. Most machine tools involve tap adapters which enable things to be screwed into other things. During the 19th century the machining industries evolved at a rapid pace. They developed taps and tapping tools, which led to the practice of buying ready made tools. Prior to that, people had to make their own tools, which was both costly and inefficient.

Joseph Clement, an early seller of taps and dies, was a predecessor to the tap and tie makers of today. He is best known as an engineer and industrialist who is best known for making Charles Babbages Difference Engine. Overall, you may not know how important tap adapters are, but without them, you would have to do a lot more work than you do today. Check out this website for more.


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