When You Move, Will You Get Ripped Off?


Guess what! It’s moving season again. That means, for some of you, that you have kids who are moving back into the basement for the summer. For others of you, it means that you have family members who are going to have to move back to some university town come September. It also means that moving companies are going to be charging more.

Of course, moving is not for everyone. Over a third of Americans have never moved out of their hometown. But that doesn’t change the fact that 6.7 million American households moved somewhere or another in 2010. During a recession people move elsewhere to look for work.

One way that people deal with these moves is with pods, large trailer like containers where they can deposit all of their belongings. Moving pods can be a more cost effective option, especially for college students moving from one place to another.

There are a couple of other tricks that frequent movers, such as military movers, can tell you about saving money. For example, it is possible to save money by being somewhat flexible with your moving date. Sometimes, renting a truck one day will cost significantly more than renting a truck another day, because of the laws of supply and demand. Who knows when other people will be moving? Some expenses are going to be mandatory, like the liability coverage which movers are required to offer.

For the many people who need pods moving is typically the priority but when it comes to pods storage can also be one of the goals, if people do not mind leaving their belongings in one place over the summer. It is possible to lock the pods up and keep in a secure location.

Moving season may only come once a year, but you will know when you need to join the game trails that a crisscrossing the United States. Read more.

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  1. Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Moving is a common part of life. It is the way that these things happen really. If anything, I bet that more people will be moving in the future.

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