Making a Fashion Statement with Camouflage Clothing

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Back in the day when they replaced the less accurate musket with a more accurate modern day rifles, it became obvious that the invention of camouflage clothing was necessary. They started off making military uniforms out of camouflage printed material. Huge tents of camouflage material was draped over airplanes and such to hide thing on the ground when military planes flew over certain areas, and so on. Before long, in fact in the 20th century, advant garde cubist artists, who produced works resembling camouflage print, helped to increase the popularity and acceptance of wearing camouflage clothing for ordinary citizens to wear. If you have not seen some of their art work it is really worth it to take the time to Google cubist art work to see what we are referring to here.

Background matching print is the most common types of prints used in camo clothing. The idea for camouflage clothing came from studying nature and how certain animal coats that helped the animals hide within trees and such. Think of the giraffe’s for instance and how they have big spots on their coats to help hide them from prey animals. Then there is the fact that squid can blend in with their surroundings too, by changing colors to blend in with whatever part of the ocean they are in at the time.

Camouflage clothing is worn today to make a fashion statement rather than to blend in with backgrounds. You can find camouflage baby clothes, camo purses and even camo seat covers now. However, hunters and people in the military still wear camouflage clothing so they can move about without being seen much easier.

Even some brides choose to have camouflage as part of their motif. Have you ever seen a brides dress accented with camo print? If not, you would be surprised at how fashionable such a dress can look trimmed with camo printed materials. find out more by searching for camouflage clothing online. One interesting fact is that you can even find camo lingerie. Who would have ever thought women would go for camouflage apparel? I is true though. There are a lot of camouflage items that people can buy, even camouflage shoes. There are vendors on the internet that specialize in camo clothing as that you can shop from that will save you a lot of money if you want to buy camouflage clothing today.

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