For Time Sensitive Medical Concerns, Urgent Care Facilities May Be Best for You

Oceanside urgent care

The next time you suffer from a minor recreational injury, workplace accident, or sudden illness, you may want to consider visiting an urgent care facility. In California, there are multiple centers in the community to serve your needs, whether they be clinics in Oceanside or urgent care carlsbad.

As a viable option for medical treatment in lieu of visiting the emergency room, urgent care clinics have become increasingly popular, in part due to short wait times, more flexible hours than at a physicians office, and the availability of walk in care. These emergency care centers typically focus on diagnosing and treating illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention, but in many cases the available services have expanded to include regular physicals, x rays, and laboratory services. A quality urgent care facility near you may be able to prescribe and and distribute medication to the patient in one step, which makes for a much more convenient option, specifically if the local pharmacy is already closed for the day.

The majority of urgent care facilities include a staff of doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Sixty five percent of local urgent care centers have at least one doctor on site at any one time to ensure that appropriate care is administered to patients in need.

Often times, an urgent care facility is the ideal option for patients who are dealing with minor medical setbacks because of greatly reduced costs and shorter wait times than those found at the doctors office or emergency room. If you have questions or suggestions about an urgent care facility in your town, leave them in the section below. More on this. Read more articles like this.

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