A Household Water Filter for Clean Water

Household water filter system

The principle component of the human body is water. Not only is 60 percent of your body weight made up of water, but every body system depends on water as well. Toxins are flushed out of your vital organs with water. Nutrients are carried to your cells by water. Moist environments for your ears, nose, and throat tissue is provided by water. With so many vital functions relying on the use of water, it is very important to insure that the water you are taking into your body is clean and healthy for you. What better way to make sure of this than with your own household water filter?

There are two main risks to your supply of water. They are contaminants that can sneak in, and the chemicals that are used to help treat your water. Neither of these are healthy for you or your family to drink. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has over 80 contaminants to water that they are regulating. Some of these are arsenic, ecoli, cryptosporidia, chlorine, and lead. These may all be found in water from public water systems. There are roughly 15 percent of public water supplies that are contaminated with some for of bacteria. However, that is nothing compared to the 40 percent of private water supplies that are contaminated.

With all of this threatening bacteria that can be found in the water that you drink, it may be a good idea for you and your family to invest in a household water filter. A water filter can protect you from certain contaminants that can be lingering in your water, and may cause you to become ill. There are different types of water filters systems that are available. They include absorption filter, filter membranes, reverse osmosis filters, and ultra violet water filters. A household water filter system can be for your whole house water filter needs or simply sink, faucet, or fridge filters.

If you want to keep your family safe from any possible water contaminants it may be very important to you to get a household water filter. Just because 90 percent of water water supply meets the EPA standard, that does not mean that it necessarily meets the quality demanded by you and your family. Make the decisions to purchase a household water filter, and determine which type will work best for your home needs today.
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  1. I have to have filtered water. It makes me so nervous to know that there are public water supplies that do not meet national standards.

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