You Have Hope For Your Taxes Yet

Penalty abatement

A friend of mine (definitely not me) needed some IRS back taxes help. My friend was in some trouble with a government tax lien, which is when the government has a legal claim that is against your property because of your neglect to or failure to pay a tax debt.

The question that I needed answered was “how to get a tax lien removed?”

I had some success finding IRS back taxes help, and they helped me with a tax defense, and tax debt settlement. The attorney who advised me told me about the Offer in Compromise (or OIC) program, in the United States, is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) program that allows qualified individuals with an unpaid tax debt to negotiate for a settled amount that is less than the total owed in order to clear the debt.

I had this option, amongst others, because I was qualified as something called “Doubt as to collectibility” (or DATC) when I sought out my IRS back taxes help.

My IRS back taxes help told that I should still file my returns to avoid even more penalties for failure to file, even though I could not pay.

I know that it might seem tough now, but you have time to seek out IRS back taxes help. See, the IRS will not begin to garnish your wages without giving you a notice, as well as an opportunity to make payment arrangements.

There is hope to get IRS back taxes help. You are not alone. If anyone else has had an experience like this, and would like to comment or share their own story, please do so in the comments. Read this website for more information:

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