The Relaxing Benefits of Pottery Making

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Did you know that the fastest way to make pottery is to place the finished, shaped clay body into a kiln, which will harden it by removing all water? Well, you may not know that unless you have some experience with pottery clay, pottery wheels, and other pottery equipment. If you have never had the opportunity to create pottery, you should know that it can be tremendously rewarding and relaxing. Although shaping and firing pottery clay is viewed generally as a hobby today, working with pottery clay dates back many centuries to prehistoric times. In fact, much of our knowledge of the earliest cultures has been derived from pottery made by prehistoric people.

Archaeologists attribute the use of pottery wheels to shape clay into usable tools to Mesopotamia. As such, the roots of modern pottery can be traced back to the years between 6000 and 4000 B.C. While it can only be assumed that much of the technique used to shape pottery clay today is similar to prehistoric methods, our modern pottery equipment provides contemporary potters with many more options. For example, after shaping and firing pottery clay, modern potters can apply pottery glazes and paints with the help of superior pottery tools.

One of the most obvious advantages enjoyed by pottery hobbyists today is the fact that it is easy to find clay for sale. Of course, being able to purchase clay in coils rather than having to dig up and make your own makes doing pottery faster and easier. Furthermore, being able to decorate pottery after it is fired results in more decorative pottery. Obviously, this is more appropriate today, for the those who make pottery do it for decoration, as opposed to ancient people who make pottery for practical applications. Helpful research also found here:

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