The Many Uses of Edible Flowers

Crystallized flowers

When I was a child, we used to put food for fairies out in the backyard. Since fairies were small creatures that lived in the forest, we would leave little bits of cake and cookies for them, as well as tiny plants. People are often fascinated by miniature things. This carries over into food and meals. There are many recipes that embrace using smaller things in order to create interesting textures and flavors.

One regional favorite of western New York, for example, is the boiled salted miniature potato. Potatoes are pretty basic, though. What are some ways to add color and flavor to more gourmet and important dishes, such as wedding plates, restaurant dishes, appetizers for dinner parties, or creating a distinctive cocktail for your friends to enjoy?

When looking for ways to add interest and color to your next baking, consider adding edible flowers to the mix. When some people think of edible flowers, they are probably thinking of frosting flowers that go on cakes. Edible flowers, however, are actually flowers you can eat. Some types of edible flowers are obviously foods, even though we do not usually think of them as flowers. This includes cauliflower and brocolli. More traditional flowers like hibiscus, pansies, dandelions and lilac are also edible, however, and there are popular choices when it comes to crystallized flowers.

Edible flowers are also known as sugar flowers, and can be used as a delicate garnish for many different things. Not only can you put them on drinks, with desserts, and on plates to add some popping color to your plate, but edible flowers for salads are a welcome addition. Common edible flowers for salads are lavenders, which are not only beautiful but have an interesting taste and aroma. Edible flowers for salads are a good choice especially for people who like salad but have gone through many of the usual salad types.

Candied flowers are considered specialty produce since it is difficult to find them in normal grocery stores. However, it is very easy to order them online. If you are interested in edible flowers for salads, you will definitely be getting a unique addition to your next dinner or dessert.

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