Stand Out from the Crowd with a Unique Style

Camo formal

Though there are several, background matching is probably the most common type of camouflage. Though camouflage clothing might be most commonly used in military contexts, many individuals today will wear camo accessories like camo purses to add a unique element to their wardrobe. A squid can change its color in order to blend in with new surroundings and, essentially, camouflage itself to hide. But individuals who wear camo purses, are likely to do so in order to stand out in a crowd, even if the pattern is meant to blend in.

The tan and brown camo pattern used in deserts was actually developed in 1962, but was not used much until the Gulf War. Nowadays, camo is seen in virtually every military context, and some textiles and paints will event reflect infrared for concealment from night vision devices. It would be hard to find a realistic use for camo purses in the military, but camo clothing can be a necessity. However, it has become a fashion trend that many people enjoy. As a result, items like camo purses and even pink camo items have become popular.

Many people who wear camo purses and other accessories and clothing will not do so for any reason other than to create a one of a kind style. However, the practicality of camo has made it important in nature. Though the stripes on a zebra seem to make them easy to see, when they move, the stripes actually blur its outline and confuse predators. Generally, running from lions is not something that people have to worry about, but they might want to include camo purses in their wardrobe anyway.

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