Make Your Floor Shine By Polishing Concrete

Stained polished concrete

When you want your floor to look like polished marble, the least expensive method to achieve this is by polishing concrete. This is a unique effect given to concrete floors that helps it to shine similar to marble. This is done with a chemical that creates a denser surface, and the concrete polisher has tiny grinding tools that help create the polished look. The result is a shiny floor that is impervious to track marks from trucks or forklifts, and is also a great floor to have in schools, because it is so durable. However, it will create some acoustic problems if it is installed in a music room in school, so this should be avoided. Polished concrete floors are great for warehouses, schools, and other buildings that receive a lot of traffic and really take a pounding. If you have been thinking about installing a marble floor in your school or place of business but were a little apprehensive about the cost, then you should consider polished concrete instead. This is much more cost effective and still achieves that smooth, shiny look that is so desirable with marble floors.

Even though commercial polished concrete is so shiny, it still meets the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) standards. Plus, nail and glass pieces, computer chips, or aggregate can be added to the concrete before the polishing procedure to give it a unique effect. Polished concrete creates such a stunning effect that the Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa FL had their concrete floors polished as well. If commercial concrete polishing is good enough for the Museum in Tampa, then you should consider it for your concrete floors in your place of business as well. Call your local concrete polisher and ask him about creating a beautiful shine on your floors with polishing concrete. Ask them for a free estimate before you get started; you will be pleased with the low cost compared to installing all new marble flooring.

Polishing concrete is ideal when you have great floors already installed, and want to avoid the cost of replacing them. Polished concrete looks great and is easy to maintain as well. When you have the experts come out for polishing concrete floors in your business, ask them how your floors can look like polished marble without the polished marble price. Call the experts today.

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